We are focused on new ideas and high-quality services within IT businesses. We want to create a more comfortable life for the people with our latest technology. As a customer, you will never need to feel like forgotten because our mission is to always support and stay by your side.

Our Skills

  • Design

    Meaningful,unique and outstanding Design

  • Development

    HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, SQL

  • SEO

    Rank your website on Seach engine optimization.

  • Marketng consulting

    Talk with us how you can grow your business

  • 3D animation

    Creation of 3D images and 3D animation

  • VR shooting

    VR shooting and video production

  • Drone shooting

    Drone shooting and video production

  • Multilingual

    Japanese, Thai, English,
    Swedish, Finnish support available

Our Business

We work with web production and the operation of various portal sites, and we do various business development taking advantage of different know-how accumulated so far. In addition to creating digital content, we also accept the creation of leaflets, flyers, posters, and promotional materials.


Zutto QR

What is ZQR

A management system that allows you to change the QR code as much as you want. Rich content available.

For who is ZQR

For those who wants to use in private or business.

Free trial

We have a free plan call Light plan. With this plan you can use one QR code for free.


There is an easy-to-follow PDF manual. For inquiries, please reach us by phone between
9:00 ~ 18:00.


QQQR (QR for emergencies)

What is QQQR

A portable QR code that conveys important information such as medical information on your behalf in an emergency.

Advantages of QR code

Those who want to convey information on chronic illness and medications being taken in case of an emergency. Also, commonly used for elderly who lost their way home and contact the person in charge.

Advantages of QR code

It is safe because personal information such as name and address is not surfaced. In addition, the rewriting of information is always OK!

Characteristics of QQQR

When you read the QR code, the read notification email will be sent to the pre-set email address along with the location information.

What is Allergen-check

It is a cloud service that makes it possible to know food
allergy-causing substances contained in processed food etc. using a smartphone.

High reliability

The data of each food is highly reliable because it is registered and managed by each manufacturer.

Easy to use

Only reading the dedicated QR code described in the package. Also, Barcode can be available using our ios or android app too.

Under recruitment of sponsoring companies

Please cooperate with allergen-check to improve customer service.


Funeral Choice

What is Funeral Choice

Funeral portal site which you can find information and learn about funerals.

For who is Funeral Choice

For those who is planning for funeral or wants to learn about funeral.

Why Funeral Choice is the best

Several funeral plan variations are available. Choose desired plan that suits your needs best.

Customer service

Specialized operators will respond 24 hours.

What is Nishikidou

Buddhist Altar shop. We also have online shop.


Credit card payment, cash on delivery payment, bank transfer can be used.

Shop Location

Matsudo city & Moriya City

Customers service

Many assortment and quality assurance at a safe price. We are keeping prompt and safe delivery service.

Our strength


We are a team of people with various specialized skills in IT, Web development, visual design, video production and marketing.

System & Service development

Together with our skills and technology, we aim to produce exceptional services for society.


Company name Uplink Co., Ltd.
CEO Kenji Nishikido
Head office location 5-12-8 Funabori Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL Head office 03-6661-3451
Business Headquarters Minamikashiwa, 1-5-14 Chiba Prefecture
TEL Business Headquarters 04-7128-6011
Establishment September 1, 2003
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Business contents Various software planning, development and management
Planning and operation of various portal sites
Website planning / production
Ceremonial funerary gift sale

Buddhist altar · Buddhist tools · Tombstone sales

Our Team

Nishikido Kenji, CEO

The meaning of “Uplink” is the communication route from the terminal to the outside, and in the satellite communication it is the communication route transmitted from the earth to the satellite.

In summer of 2003, I named "Uplink" to the conpany with the desire to send a big idea thought out in a small office to world using small PC.

However, at the time of its founding, skills did not catch up, due to lack of talent, etc., we had some bitter experience that the competitors beat us to the draw with new idea. And during our business throught 15 years, we have improved the skills of our staff and had experts in various fields. We will continue to devise ideas that think outside the box and continue to disseminate innovative content.


Graphic Designer


System Engineer


Web Design & Frontend developer


Front & Backend developer & Photographer


Sales & Consultant


System engineer & 3D Creator


Sales & Consultant


Marketer & Graphic designer


Data analyst